The only factor that is correlated with Alzheimer’s Disease is aging

  1. Dissemination of the novel methods of early diagnosis and novel treatments of Alzheimer’s disease (AD)

  2. Dissemination of diagnostic devices for one drop of blood measurements,

  3. Support for starting up home diagnostic and treatment networks.

  • The aging is measured by the amount of free energy in biological cell and by the rate of it consumption (faster rate of consumption is found in young organisms). In the studies of AD a special focus all components of ischemia, hypoxia and the blood transporting system. There are countless reason why the oxygen delivery system departs from the optimal (= young) state and settles for suboptimal states. It is obvious why the early diagnosis what particular element is the weakest link in whole of the whole system is necessary
  • Anyone who realizes that is subjected to aging or accelerated aging (AD) should be tested. At this time, the health care systems in any country cannot guarantee reasonable early diagnosis and prevention. It can be only done via telemedical computerized network. All necessary components of such systems exist, the is the only matter of leadership.

We believe that Alzheimer’s Disease is a multifactorial, curable illness